Manuel Galán. Ávila (Spain) 1972

Composer, producer and self-taught multi-instrumentalist, in continuous learning.

Born in Ávila, his interest in music began as a child. When he was 13 years old he began to play the guitar and three years later he made his first instrumental compositions forming a Celtic music group with classmates from the institute. In the 90s he is part of several rock groups as a guitarist and music composer.

At the end of the 90s he began to take an interest in other instruments, taking transverse flute lessons and musical language. In these years he began his solo career as a composer and performer of instrumental music, with increasingly elaborate pieces, performed and recorded by himself.

In the years 1999 and 2000 he studied recording and sound techniques in the El Paramétrico de Madrid studios. Little by little he is acquiring material to set up a small Home Studio where he records his first album. Thus, in 2004, his first work Calles de Piedra came to light. To edit this work, Manuel creates his own record label, Producciones Aguijón. During the following years and with a formation of seven musicians, the album is presented live several times in Ávila, and at the Ateneo de Madrid.

In 2008 the conditioning of a new professional recording studio, designed by De Santi Proyectos, finished. From this new studio, he dedicates the following years to recording and producing other artists, performing tasks of sound technician, mixing and production. In many of these albums he also collaborates as an instrumentalist, recording guitars, bass, mandolin, flutes …

In 2012 the recording of his second album Vientos de Esperanza ends, with a total of 14 songs composed in previous years. In this work counts on collaborations of some consecrated spanish instrumentalists, like Javier Paxariño.

Since the release of this album and until now, he has combined the composition of new songs, which will be released soon in a new album, with the extension of his musical knowledge studying three years of modern harmony, with maestro Félix Santos.