Vientos de Esperanza

Vientos de Esperanza (Winds of Hope) is Manuel Galán’s second album. The album includes compositions made between 2005 and 2012. Fourteen completely instrumental themes, which offer more than an hour of music and in which Manuel is inspired by the most varied musical styles, from folk to progressive rock, through the Celtic music, bossa nova, blues, jazz …..

In the Vientos de Esperanza recording a total of 14 musicians collaborated.


Manuel Galán: Guitars, bass guitar, mandolin, flute, keyboards, drum, composition, recording and mixing

Rodri Pérez: Drums, percussion, accordion, piano and keyboards

Nacho López: Bass guitar

Violeta Manzanares: Flute

David Mora: Violin

Javier Paxariño: Flutes on Son Bou, El Hechizo de la Luna Roja and Metrópolis. Sopranino on Siempre

Luismi Navalón: Bass guitar on El Hechizo de la Luna Roja and Metrópolis. Double bass on Son Bou

Luis Alberto Jimenez “Cantares”: Drums on La Danza de los Solitarios, Una Tarde de Otoño and Vientos de Esperanza

Anye Bao: Drums on El Hechizo de la Luna Roja and Metrópolis

Ana Sánchez: Grand piano on Siempre and Open Song V2 final

Jesús Cid: Spanish guitar on Una Tarde de Otoño

Diego Galaz: Violin on El Hechizo de la Luna Roja

Layla San Segundo: Violoncello on Son Bou

Cintia Pérez: Percussion on Son Bou


Javier Abril: Mastering

Toño Maroto: Design

Pedro Neira Espolita: Cover picture

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